Dedicated 100% to Breastfeeding Support

Ybreast offers professional, reliable, and individualized 24/7 breastfeeding support based upon cutting-edge scientific research. Founded by former Wall Street lawyer turned lactation guru Debi Yadegari, Ybreast brings moms a new type of concierge service: one that’s focused on getting nursing moms the support they need where they need it – at home (Ybreast @Home), at work (Ybreast @Work), and on the go (Ybreast Travels). And, now we are proud to bring nursing moms the Ybreast Shop.

The Ybreast Shop is 100% dedicated to the moms and babies we serve. We carry only mom-tested, baby-safe, W.H.O. Code compliant products that in our expert opinion will make the breastfeeding experience a more comfortable one. Because we are devoted to making the breastfeeding experience a better one, we are unwavering in our commitment to uphold the W.H.O. Code and we thank you for your support.

We have devoted ourselves to making your breastfeeding experience a better one, and that includes changing the landscape in which we live. We recognize that breastfeeding isn’t easy and we are committed to offering moms the support that they need without judgment.

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